I have more than a decade of experience serving as a strategic advisor, trusted partner, and coach to the CEOs and executive teams of Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach software companies that are on track to become revolutionary innovators.

I am a people leader, asymmetric thinker, and inveterate problem solver. This makes me a force multiplier in the early startup environment. I am passionate about coaching, advising, and consulting with visionary CEOs to help them reach their highest potential.

My mission is to put these Chief Executives and their companies on the map using my unique mix of skills obtained through dual careers in journalism and bleeding-edge software startups.

I currently serve as Chief Strategy Officer at Gem, a cryptocurrency startup based in Los Angeles, California. I lead marketing, communications, and people operations. I also am host of Gem’s crypto podcast and video series, Running with Unicorns.

Prior to Gem, I served as Senior Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies, the $20 billion big data analytics unicorn. Before joining Palantir, I was a nationally recognized reporter at U.S. News & World Report magazine (U.S. News), and National Public Radio (NPR).

I have a Masters degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, and a Bachelors degree in biochemistry and biology from the University of Mumbai, India.

In my free time, I am an aspiring novelist and a photographer. You can learn more about me on my website at https://chitraragavan.com.
Photo Courtesy of: Saphira Howell