Chitra Ragavan

3 Archetypes of Founders

While every founder is different, one thing they all have in common is big, distinctive personalities.

Here are 3 archetypes of founders. Have you worked with any of them?

☑️ Dreamer: Can see the future well past most others.

What they love: To have their big picture broken down into chunks.

What they hate: Expecting them to have all the answers and waiting for them to tell you what to do.

☑️ Pragmatist: Wants to build, sell, and move on to the next big thing.

What they love: Practical value, high energy execution on defined projects.

What they hate: Open loops, drawn-out projects, and relationships.

☑️ Reformer: Wants to correct wrongs, change the system, influence others, and leave a lasting legacy.

What they love: Logical, data-driven strategies combined with creative ways to cause a ripple effect.

What they hate: Unstructured presentations or strategies unsubstantiated by data.

What these founders have in common is a unique vision for the future.

It’s always a fun adventure to figure out what kind of founder I am working with.

Do you work with any of these types of founders? What are some other archetypes?