About Chitra

Tech Executive, Advisor To CEOs, Award-Winning Journalist

Chitra was instrumental in getting our business off the ground.
— Stewart Kelly, Founder & CEO, Ground Truth Intelligence

Over the last decade, Chitra Ragavan has carved out a unique niche in advising technology CEOs and serving on advisory boards of cutting-edge companies on the most difficult issues confronting startups at virtually every point in their trajectory.
Chitra has developed a one-of-a-kind brand, content, narrative, and positioning framework derived from two unique career paths, journalism, and technology. This asymmetric perspective allows her to competitively position and shape brands in a way that’s entirely different from traditional public relations, marketing, and crisis management firms.
Chitra partners with mission-driven CEOs as a trusted confidante, and catalyst who can strategize and drive complex initiatives to completion. Her deep knowledge of startup culture and ethos helps create authentic brands with powerful narratives.
Her C-Suite experience has given Chitra the skills to help CEOs manage their biggest stress points including investor and board relations; fundraising and pitch deck narrative strategy; go-to-market, content, and thought leadership strategy; recruiting challenges; product pivots and team turnovers; cultural tensions and bad press; communication and litigation management; and internal and external change management.



Chitra was one of the most aggressive, relentless journalists that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
— Gordon Witkin, Award-Winning Journalist

Before launching her second career in tech startups, Chitra served as a Correspondent at National Public Radio (NPR), Chief Legal Affairs Correspondent at U.S. News and World Report magazine (U.S. News), and On-Air Correspondent and Associate Producer at Chicago public television (WTTW).

A multi-platform, multi-media journalist, Chitra also is an experienced podcaster. This fall, Chitra will launch a new tech podcast exploring how advances in technology will shape humanity. She currently hosts a critically acclaimed leadership podcast called When It Mattered, which forms the foundation of her leadership and podcast coaching.

Every CEO needs a Chitra in the trenches with them
— Micah Winkelspecht, CEO & Founder, Gem

Prior to founding her boutique startup advisory firm, Goodstory, Chitra served as Chief Strategy Officer at Los Angeles based crypto startup Gem. As the right hand to the CEO, she was deeply involved in virtually all aspects of growing and leading the company. As part of her constantly growing responsibilities, Chitra led the company’s Marketing, Communications, and People Operations divisions and helped cement Gem’s core brand, narrative, marketing, and media strategy, earning more than 200 media stories over two years.  She also helped shape the company’s winning strategy in a landmark blockchain trademark lawsuit. Chitra also hosted a special 10-part video and audio podcast series on cryptocurrency, called Running with Unicorns, giving beginner investors a unique lens into the crypto industry.

Before Gem, Chitra served as Senior Counselor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies, the $20 billion dollar data analytics unicorn based in Palo Alto. She helped conceive, create and build the company’s philanthropy mission which became an important part of the company’s brand narrative. She also helped build several business verticals through her national security connections and her strategic and tactical initiatives.

Chitra's experience and expertise are vast but I was able to work with her directly on leadership and creative growth strategy and structure; witnessing her help guide and build a several-thousand-person sized company directly with the CEO.
— Ben Matheny, Senior Director of Operations, Addepar

Based on the East Coast and as a journalist who covered the Washington political establishment for two decades, Chitra brings a rare bicoastal perspective and deep knowledge of governmental and technology that is a prized asset today, as technology startups increasingly feel the weight and scrutiny of the Federal government upon them.

Chitra’s multi-career success in journalism and Silicon Valley makes her a force multiplier for technology startups including digital news media platforms navigating the future today.

Chitra is the trusted advisor and right hand every CEO needs.
— Scott Barrow, Head of Product, CommonStock