Chitra Ragavan


Startups During A Crisis

Startups have a tough time getting traction and media attention during a crisis like #COVID-19. Here are 3 steps to change that: Take HUNGRY, a private chef service technology platform whose original goal was to connect companies with top local chefs for business and event catering. Great idea 💡 wrong timing 🕰️ When COVID hit, Hungry found …

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3 Archetypes of Founders

While every founder is different, one thing they all have in common is big, distinctive personalities. Here are 3 archetypes of founders. Have you worked with any of them? ☑️ Dreamer: Can see the future well past most others. What they love: To have their big picture broken down into chunks. What they hate: Expecting …

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A Letter from the CEO

Many CEOs forget they have a simple but potent weapon in their communications arsenal: ✍️ It’s called a “Letter from the CEO.” Why is it so powerful? Because it’s a direct, unfiltered megaphone to reach your key audience 📣 You can either be proactive or reactive with your Letter from the CEO. You can announce …

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