Chitra Ragavan

Easy hack for how to ghostwrite in your founder or CEO’s voice

Here’s an easy hack for how to ghostwrite in your founder or CEO’s voice.

👻 Ghostwriting is hard because you have to set aside your own style of writing and instead take on your founder’s voice.

But I stumbled on an easy hack from my reporting days.

🎤 Record an interview with the person you are going to write for and transcribe the entire conversation.

Use easy transcription services like Rev, Google Docs, or Trint for Zoom interviews.

P.S. For important interviews, I always have a backup recorder in addition to my iPhone in case of technical difficulties. 🎤🎤

Recording the interview has 3 benefits:

— Takes the guesswork out of how to best communicate the information
— Provides great content and insights in your founder’s own words
— Gives you exact catchphrases, nuance, wording, and great direct quotes

⏰ So the next time you’re procrastinating on that ghostwriting project, do set up some time to chat with your boss or client.

⏺️ Then hit that record button.

⚡ You’ll rock the project!!