Chitra Ragavan

Ep. 28 — An investor’s rejection leads to an epiphany about self and the future of AI-powered digital content creation / Iman Oubou, Founder & CEO, SWAAY, and Author, “The Glass Ledge.”

Do you want to be a writer but suffer from writer’s block? I know I often do! Well, my guest today may have the perfect solution for us — the world’s first AI-powered writing and publishing platform — that she says will help you put words 3x faster on the page, and transform the future of writing, publishing, and connecting.
The AI platform is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur, startup founder, and former beauty queen, Iman Oubou. Oubou is the author of a new book just released called, “The Glass Ledge: How To Break Through Self-Sabotage, Embrace Your Power, And Create Your Success.”
A Moroccan-American, Oubou is the Founder and CEO of SWAAY, a digital women’s content and empowerment platform. But as her candid book indicates, this journey from pageant winner to startup founder and now author has not been an easy one. 
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