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History of Impeachment
Nov. 10, 1998, Morning Edition

Starr Expense Report
Oct. 29, 1998, All Things Considered

Impeachment Inquiry
Oct. 9, 1998, Morning Edition

Clinton: What’s at Stake
All Things Considered, August 13, 1998

Issues in Weston Case
Morning Edition, July 31, 1998

Investigation Capitol Shootings
Morning Edition, July 29, 1998

Weston Unable to Attend Court Hearing
All Things Considered, July 27, 1998

Capitol Shooting Details Unfold
Weekend Edition, July 25, 1998

Two Die in Capitol Hill Shooting
All Things Considered, July 24, 1998

Starr Investigation
All Things Considered, July 23, 1998

Probing Martin Luther King’s Death
June 26, 1998, Morning Edition

Brill and Starr-gate
All Things Considered, June 18, 1998

Where Does This Leave Starr Politically?
All Things Considered, April 2, 1998

FBI Settles with Whitehurst
Morning Edition, February 27, 1998

DOJ to Protect Secret Service Agents from Testifying in Lewinsky Matter
All Things Considered, February 27, 1998

Clinton Scandal
Weekend Edition,Saturday, January 31, 1998

Starr’s Investigation
Morning Edition, January 26, 1998

Update on Lewinsky Case
All Things Considered, January 24, 1998


Jones Versus Clinton
All Things Considered, August 22, 1997

Ruby Ridge
All Things Considered, August 15, 1997

Richard Jewell Testifies about FBI Treatment
All Things Considered, July 30, 1997

FBI Internal Review of Jewell Case
All Things Considered, July 28, 1997

How CIA Shooting Suspect Kansi Was Caught
Morning Edition, June 19, 1997

CIA Shooting Suspect Kansi Arraigned
All Things Considered, June 18, 1997

FBI Settles With Whistle Blower
Feb 27, 1998, Morning Edition

FBI Aftermath
All Things Considered, June 3, 1997

U.S. to Seek Death in Unabomber Case
All Things Considered, May 15, 1997

FBI & CIA Poor Communication Examined
All Things Considered, April 24, 1997

FBI Lab and Bush Assassination Attempt
Morning Edition, April 22, 1997

WTC Case: Justice Department Says FBI Gave False Information
All Things Considered, April 17, 1997

FBI Crime Lab Report Could Damage Cases
Morning Edition, April 16, 1997

FBI Crime Lab Report Finds Some Flaws
All Things Considered, April 15, 1997

FBI Crime Lab Credibility Questioned
All Things Considered, March 26, 1997

How FBI Tracked Bomb Scare
Morning Edition, February 26, 1997

Forensic Evidence in Oklahoma City Bombing
Feb 19, 1997, Morning Edition.

Interview with Whistleblower Frederick Whitehurst
Morning Edition, February 11, 1997

FBI Lab Methods Get Justice Department Scrutiny
Morning Edition, January 31, 1997

FBI Crime Lab May Have Bungled Oklahoma City Bombing
All Things Considered, January 30, 1997

Allegations from a Whistleblower about Forensic Fraud
Morning Edition, January 29, 1997

Prisoners & Rape
January 25, 1997


How the FBI Caught Their Spy
Morning Edition, December 20, 1996

Earl Edwin Pitts Faces Espionage Charges
Morning Edition, December 19, 1996

FBI Arrests Agent on Espionage Charges
All Things Considered, December 18, 1996.

Indian Elections
Four part series, November 1996

Fragmented Parties in India Begin to Form Coalitions

Ethnic and Religions Issues Divide India

Hundreds of Millions Go to the Polls in India

Deep Cynicism Will Not Keep Indians from The Polls

Ruby Ridge

All Things Considered, October 22, 1996

FAA Recommends Hi-Tech Airport Security
Morning Edition, September 6, 1996

Gore Commission Releases Airline Safety Report
All Things Considered, September 5, 1996

Commission Seeks Tighter Airline Security Measures
All Things Considered, August 31, 1996

Airports May Need Pricey Equipment to Improve Security
All Things Considered, August 23, 1996

No Sign Yet of Clinton’s Airport Security Commission
Morning Edition, August 14, 1996

Farm Bill
All Things Considered, February 29, 1996

Psychiatric Exams Causing Flap at Library of Congress
All Things Considered, February 21, 1996


Library of Congress Collections Decimated By Thieves
All Things Considered, November 28, 1995

Follow up: AIDS Patient Ida Greathouse Dead At 42
June 20, 1995

Chicago Woman With AIDS Fights For A Home For Her Child
All Things Considered, November 10, 1993 – 20 minute documentary.


An Analysis of a Health Care Bill’s Failure
All Things Considered, June 30, 1994
20 minute Documentary, part of Health care reform coverage

AIDS in India

Five part series, February, 1994

Indian Sex Practices Pose Problems for AIDS Researchers

AIDS Flourishes in the Underground Indian Gay Community

AIDS in Asia – India

India to Become Region’s Silent AIDS Volcano

AIDS Exploding in India



AIDS in Bellgrade Florida

Five part series, August – September 1993

Not All Willing to Cooperate with AIDS Awareness

Suffer the Children whose Parents Are Dying of AIDS

Rural Southern Florida Has AIDS Rate Rivaling NYC

High Incidents of Heterosexual AIDS Linked to Syphilis

Florida Leading in Heterosexual Spread of AIDS


Bhopal: 7 Years Past Union Carbide Gas Spill
July 2, 1991 – 30 min documentary