Chitra Ragavan


Make an impact. Leave a legacy.

Find your narrative and shape the world

A unique coaching and strategy framework built from real-world experience

It takes a single-minded, focused and methodical brain to help a company make a real impact and its leaders leave a legacy. If you want to scale your success after establishing your business, communication skills are the ultimate weapon. No matter their genius, most founders do not have real-life experience in how to scale something that transforms their ideas and dreams into the next big thing.

Chitra Ragavan’s years of experience in the industry have allowed her to see the hurdles CEOs face, and her methodology lies in strategic advice borne out of being in the startup trenches , executive coaching, and positioning brands with powerful narratives. She helps business leaders carve out their place in their hyper-competitive industries, and scale their growth and income exponentially, all while creating a global presence.

It’s time to work with Chitra if you’re…

  • Creating world-changing products but no one is noticing 
  • Ignored by investors and media
  • Having trouble communicating your message internally and externally
  • Struggling to communicate the full value of your product or service to get the price you deserve
  • Wondering how to really inspire your team and get them to the finish line
  • Feeling alone and under so much pressure from all sides and need support

Chitra coaches on three critical areas of much-needed focus and guidance for a company’s growth and exponential success:

“Chitra is the trusted advisor and right hand every CEO needs.”

– Scott Barrow, Chief Product Officer, Gem

Executive Coaching

I work with the founder and the leadership teams to help them create a solid understanding of their job to ensure they are communicating in a way that will allow the corporate narrative to take shape and hold, and then of course, how they move through the process of growth. With this, you will be able to:


  • Lead your team with confidence
  • Be able to effectively communicate with investors, the media, and clients in a way that ensures the message resonates and that the goals are clearly defined.


Strategic Consulting

Turning an idea into a product, a startup into a brand, and a founder into a leader requires a creative game plan that breaks through the noise of the status quo and shapes their corporate narrative, the brand equity, in order to win. I offer strategic coaching for:

  • Creating a fully laid our strategy for your growth
  • Understanding your avatar and their problems that need to be solved
  • Clearly shaping your narrative so that it motivates and guides the internal teams, and also provides a winning formula that makes investors, boards, customers, and media want to get behind and invest in.
  • Learning the art of the interview for your podcast and other media interviews, moderating panels or other forms of public speaking such as presentations and Ted Talks. 
  • Helping you to stop the toiling

An exponential Difference

Chitra only accepts a limited number clients each year to be able to give you the time, attention, and dedication you deserve.

With her coaching, you will get: 

Proven Strategic Framework

Chitra guides and coaches founders with her proven, time-tested methodologies to overcome extraordinary odds.

Clear Competitive Advantage

Her clients have a clear competitive advantage through her high-level executive coaching, corporate narrative expertise, connections, and strategic advice and tactics.

Connections to Investors, Strategic Partners & Media

Chitra’s deep insights and connections from two stellar careers in coaching startups and in journalism helps strategically align founders with venture funds, strategic partners, customers, investors, and journalists, on their journey from startup to exit.

“I cannot speak highly enough of her and am so thankful for the mentorship, introductions, and her point of view as a strategic advisor. She's an asset for any team, whether you're just starting your journey as a start-up or an established unicorn."

– Chris Williams, Founder and CEO, ZELOS

A Stellar Advisory Board

No matter how complicated the issues you confront, we have the best resources in our advisory board of seasoned subject matter experts in cybersecurity, intelligence, public safety, national security, law enforcement, voice technology, social impact, venture funds, marketing, and business development.

Bryan Cunningham

Cunningham, Levy, Muse, LLC


Bryan Cunningham is a leading international expert on cybersecurity law and policy, emerging technology, and surveillance issues.

Michael Hurley

Team 3i, LLC


Michael Hurley is President of Team 3i LLC, an international consulting company. In addition to advising Goodstory, he is an advisor to multiple Silicon Valley high-tech companies.

Marc Ladin

Founder and General Partner
Voice Punch VC


Marc Ladin is the Founder and General Partner at Voice Punch VC, an early-stage venture fund focused on voice tech.

Yusill Scribner

Head of Business Operations & Strategy
Impact America Fund


Yusill Scribner is the Head of Business Operations & Strategy at Impact America Fund, a venture firm that invests at the intersection of tech and social impact.

Linda Souza

Senior Vice President, Marketing


Linda Souza is a 7x tech startup marketer with more than 20 years of experience helping lead early-stage and growth-stage startups to successful exits.

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