Chitra Ragavan

Simple Ways to Build your Startup Communications Strategy

Here are 5️⃣ simple ways to build your startup communications strategy:

These are tips I learned from my first career in journalism at NPR & U.S. News that I now use to advise startup CEOs.

1️⃣ Internal Interview

Conduct deep-dive interviews to understand the founder, product, and team stories to generate ideas for the brand story💡

2️⃣ Fun Facts

Identify fun, personal, and technical facts from those interviews for investor, customer, and media outreach 🎤

3️⃣ Rule of Three

When giving examples, use the Rule of Three, no more, no less, it just works

4️⃣ Stay in the Loop

Read, bookmark, and use relevant news stories for context about your industry, competitors, and customers, so you can better tap into news cycles and hook media interest 🗞️

5️⃣ Timeline

Create a timeline of company chronology and milestones and 📆 of key dates in history for your industry to use as news pegs

🔢 Bring it all together into a milestone-based, news-driven framework

A little bit of planning ensures that you’re not chasing stories. Instead, you see them coming a mile away

What are your favorite tips to position startups?