Chitra Ragavan

Startups During A Crisis

Startups have a tough time getting traction and media attention during a crisis like #COVID-19.

Here are 3 steps to change that:

Take HUNGRY, a private chef service technology platform whose original goal was to connect companies with top local chefs for business and event catering.

Great idea 💡 wrong timing 🕰️

When COVID hit, Hungry found itself starved for business. “Our market was down 95% from pre-COVID levels,” says Hungry Chairman and CEO Jeff Grass.

Their secret sauce to turn things around? Avoiding “analysis paralysis,” says Grass. “Just start doing it, start making things happen,” he says.

Here’s how Hungry did it:

🍲 Big Pivot: Turned 1 business into 3, home catering, virtual chef online events, and pop-ups — tapping new markets.

🍲 Big Idea: Partnered with Washington Nationals and
Texas Rangers Baseball Club to deliver Game Day ballpark food to fans

🍲 Big Buzz: Raised $115,000 with help from celebrity investors to deliver meals to frontline heroes earning $3 million in free publicity with the help of Butin PR

Bottom Line:

💰💰💰 September was one of Hungry’s most profitable months.

Now is the time to find your value during this crisis. With a little creativity, you too can make it happen!