Chitra Ragavan


Go from leading your business to shaping the world

My mission is helping impactful CEOs and founders succeed in the face of extraordinary odds.

“Hiring Chitra was the best decision I ever made. Every CEO needs a Chitra in the trenches with them.”
– Micah Winkelspecht, CEO and Founder at Gem

Turning Founders into Leaders from Startup to Exit

When launching ambitious startups, the most cutting-edge technology founders and leadership teams turn to Chitra for advice. 

They seek her expertise in strategic positioning; her insights and problem-solving skills; her ability to look around curves and see what’s coming; her talent for strategic partnerships and initiatives for both generating revenue and global good; her network of meaningful connections; and her core expertise in multi-media journalism that when combined with her extensive work on brand and narrative architecture, results in one-of-a-kind brands.

Chitra uses her own unique melding of time-tested, powerful strategies to help tech CEOs and founders overcome some of the most complex challenges around building their companies and crossing over to the finish line.

“Chitra was instrumental in getting our business off the ground.”

– Stewart Kelly, Founder & CEO, Ground Truth Intelligence

Confidante, Catalyst, and Coach

Chitra Ragavan partners with mission-driven tech CEO’s as a confidante and catalyst who can strategize and drive complex initiatives to completion. Her deep knowledge of startup culture and ethos helps create authentic brands with powerful narratives.

“Anyone looking to further a world-class product and company, Chitra is your woman.”

– Chris Williams, CEO & Founder, Zelos

C-Suite Executive & Board Member

Since 2007, Chitra Ragavan has advised CEOs and founders of top-tier tech companies as a full-time senior strategic advisor and C-Suite consigliere, advisory board member, and through her consulting firm, Goodstory Strategies.

Strategic Communications Advisor

Companies that have benefited from Chitra's insights and strategies include: $20 billion unicorn Palantir Technologies, Gem, Ground Truth Intelligence, Peregrine, Elementus, and Zelos.

Journalist, Columnist & Podcaster

Prior to becoming a trusted CEO confidante and advisor, Chitra was a nationally recognized journalist at National Public Radio (NPR) and U.S. News & World Report (US News) magazine. Chitra is a contributing writer to SWAAY and the host of two podcasts: When It Mattered & Techtopia.

Limited Partner & Advisor To Venture Funds

In addition to advising startups, Chitra is also a startup investor and member of K-Street Capital, a Limited Partner in Moonshots Capital and Palumni VC (the venture fund led and founded by Palantir alumni), and serves as an advisor to NextUp Ventures/NextUp Partners.

“A consummate professional, Chitra has the phenomenal ability to quickly get organizations the desired exposure, build lasting relationships, and offer expert advice rooted in decades of experience.”

- Gregory Barbaccia, Head of Core Operations, Theorem

Executive Coach, Advisor, and Narrative Builder

Chitra brings a deep reservoir of trust and integrity and instantly elevates companies through her credentials, breadth of expertise and experience, and tangible and measurable successes.

— Linda Souza VP of Marketing, CareerArc

"Chitra makes things happen, and she makes sure they’re the right things that will make the greatest impact in advancing the company and team in achieving our objectives."

— Madeline Mann​ Creator of Self Made Millennial

"Chitra is a leader who sees the big picture and then can create a plan to execute on it."

— Micah Winkelspecht CEO and Founder, Gem

"Hiring Chitra was the best decision I ever made. Every CEO needs a Chitra in the trenches with them."

— Jill Richmond Advisor, FinTech, Digital Transformation

"Chitra is a seasoned strategist, an astute mind and wonderfully brilliant. She’s created an incredible professional trajectory that makes her a valuable C-suite consigliere."

— Bryan Cunningham Principal, Bryan Cunningham, Law

"Chitra is one of the informed, insightful, fair, and trustworthy journalists with whom I have worked."

— Siva Kannan Partner, VP of Digital Engineering, BCG Digital Ventures

"If you want to bring and drive any key initiative to completion, Chitra is the person you would want to have."

— Ben Matheny Head of Workplace at Aurora

"Chitra’s experience and expertise are vast but I was able to work with her directly on leadership and creative growth strategy and structure; witnessing her help guide and build a several-thousand-person sized company directly with the CEO."

— Scott Barrow Advisor to Stack

"Chitra is the trusted advisor and right hand every CEO needs."

    “Chitra was one of the most aggressive, relentless journalists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

    - Gordon Witkin, Award-Winning Journalist, U.S. News & World Report

    Entrusted with the most Compelling Stories from Leaders around the World

    Chitra Ragavan is the host of two popular podcasts on leadership, and technology, called “When It Mattered” and “Techtopia” where she interviews leaders from around the world as well as the creative entrepreneurs fueling the technology revolution.

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