Chitra Ragavan is founder and CEO of Goodstory, a strategic advisory firm that helps tech leaders find their narrative and bring their products to life. Chitra has served as an advisor to the CEOs of Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach technology companies including $20 billion unicorn Palantir, crypto/blockchain startup Gem, and Shark Tank standout, Alice’s Table.

Chitra brings a rare combination of storytelling and strategy in her role of narrative advisor and consultant, thanks to two highly successful careers as a veteran journalist and technology startup strategist.

Prior to advising tech startups, Chitra served as a Correspondent at National Public Radio (NPR), and was the Chief Legal Affairs Correspondent at U.S. News and World Report magazine (U.S. News). She also served as on-air Correspondent and Associate Producer at Chicago public television (WTTW). Most recently, at Gem, Chitra hosted a cryptocurrency podcast and video series and she also is a Contributing Writer at Forbes.

Prior to Goodstory, Chitra was for two years the Chief Strategy Officer at Gem, a cryptocurrency API/portfolio company based in Los Angeles, California. As right hand to the CEO, she was deeply involved in virtually all aspects of growing the company and helped build Gem’s core narrative and brand. Chitra led the company’s Marketing, Communications, and People Operations divisions. Her crypto podcast and video series gave her a unique lens into the crypto industry.

Before Gem, Chitra served as Senior Counselor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies, the $20 billion dollar data analytics unicorn based in Palo Alto. She helped create and grow the company’s philanthropy mission which became an important part of the company’s brand narrative. She also helped build several business verticals through her national security connections and her strategic and tactical initiatives.

Chitra’s multi-career success in journalism and Silicon Valley makes her a force multiplier for technology startups and news media platforms. Based on the East Coast, and having covered the Washington political establishment for two decades, and a decade advising Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach startups, Chitra brings a rare bicoastal perspective and deep knowledge of both East Coast governmental and West Coast technology institutions. With this unique blend, Chitra continues to be an experienced, hands-on, and highly sought-after people leader, asymmetric thinker, and inveterate problem solver.

In her free time, Chitra is an aspiring novelist and a photographer. You can learn more about her at http://chitraragavan.wpengine.com.
Photo Courtesy of: Saphira Howell