Chitra Ragavan


“Anyone looking to further a world-class product and company, Chitra is your woman.”

– Chris Williams, CEO & Founder, Zelos

Coaching and counsel rooted in decades of experience

A founder’s genius is typically the reason why a company is born, gains traction, and builds momentum. But, most founders have not had real-life experience, connections, strategies and coaching to transform their ideas and dreams into the next big thing.

Welcome to Goodstory Strategies, an exclusive executive coaching and strategic advisory firm for technology founders and leadership teams. Our founder and CEO is Chitra Ragavan, an advisor to tech startups and a nationally-recognized journalist. With our transformational strategies, corporate narrative, and executive coaching, we’re here to help you become maximal leaders.

Here’s what Chitra brings to the table:

C-Suite Executive & Board Member

Since 2007, Chitra has advised CEOs and founders of top-tier tech companies as a full-time senior strategic advisor and C-Suite consigliere, advisory board member, and through her consulting firm, Goodstory Strategies.

Strategic Communications Advisor

Companies that have benefited from Chitra's insights and strategies include: $20 billion unicorn Palantir Technologies, Gem, Ground Truth Intelligence, Peregrine, Elementus, and Zelos.

Journalist, Columnist & Podcaster

Prior to becoming a trusted CEO confidante and advisor, Chitra was a nationally recognized journalist at National Public Radio (NPR) and U.S. News & World Report (US News) magazine. Chitra is a columnist at SWAAY and the host of two podcasts: When It Mattered & Techtopia.

Limited Partner & Advisor To Venture Funds

In addition to advising startups, Chitra is also a startup investor and member of K-Street Capital, a Limited Partner in Moonshots Capital and Palumni VC (the venture fund led and founded by Palantir alumni), and serves as an advisor to NextUp Ventures/NextUp Partners.

A Stellar Advisory Board

No matter how complicated the issues you confront, we have the best resources in our advisory board of seasoned subject matter experts in cybersecurity, intelligence, public safety, national security, law enforcement, voice technology, social impact, venture funds, marketing and business development.

Bryan Cunningham

Brian Cunningham Law, LLC


Bryan Cunningham is a leading international expert on cybersecurity law and policy, emerging technology, and surveillance issues.

Michael Hurley

Team 3i, LLC


Michael Hurley is President of Team 3i LLC, an international consulting company. In addition to advising Goodstory, he is an advisor to multiple Silicon Valley high-tech companies.

Marc Ladin

Founder and General Partner
Voice Punch VC


Marc Ladin is the Founder and General Partner at Voice Punch VC, an early-stage venture fund focused on voice tech.

Yusill Scribner

Head of Business Operations & Strategy
Impact America Fund


Yusill Scribner is the Head of Business Operations & Strategy at Impact America Fund, a venture firm that invests at the intersection of tech and social impact.

Linda Souza

CEO & Founder, 


Linda Souza is a 7x tech startup marketer with more than 20 years of experience helping lead early-stage and growth-stage startups to successful exits.

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