Chitra Ragavan


Do you aspire to become a maximal leader? 

 Listen to Chitra’s podcasts where she shares interviews some of the top leaders in the world.

When It Mattered

Chitra invites leaders from around the world to share one personal story that changed the course of their life and work and propelled them  from leading their business or field to making an impact and shaping the world and how they lead and deal with adversity. Through these stories, Chitra and her guests take you behind the scenes to get an inside perspective of some of the most compelling stories and eventful moments of our time. 


A deep look into how technology leaders are shaping our future. Chitra explores the latest technological revolution unfolding daily before our lives, interviews the creative entrepreneurs behind them, delves into the societal impact and legal, cultural, political, and economic nuances of these omnipresent innovations, and examines technology’s profound impact on people, society, and the world.

"Chitra is one of the most informed, insightful, fair and trustworthy journalists with whom I have worked."

- Bryan Cunningham, Principal, Bryan Cunningham Law

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